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Information about DIFF



Dubai is holding a Dubai international Film Festival (DIFF). There are a lot of movies from different countries such as Japan, Egypt, UAE, US and other countries. This festival will run from 9 December to 16 December.

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A Movie from DIFF


I want to talk about one movie which really took my attention. This was  a movie called The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki which was made in Japan in 2012.The story is about a normal woman called Hana who fell in love with her friend when she saw him at University. She married this man, and  then she found out the truth about this man she had married.

This man was a wolf-man. That was the beginning of the family secret. Then Hana got pregnant and had two children and both of them carried wolf-DNA. After a while the father of these kids died so Hana had to move to a small town to have a normal life with her kids away from people’s eyes.

This is a gallery from the movie =) , hope you like it !

Hana’s kids are so cute, I love them *_*

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If you are interested in watching this movie you can see the presentation time in the schedule here:

The reason why this movie attracts me is because it is rare to see a Japanese movie in the UAE. This is the trailer for this movie:

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If you are interested in different movies you can choose the time and the day that you would like to see movies which are showing at a particular time. In fact, you will notice that sometimes you can watch some movies before 6pm especially from Wednesday to Sunday.

On the same page, if you scroll down,you can connect with Dubai international Film Festival.

If you have any questions or you want to see what is the new and what happens in the red carpet. You can go and find DIFF on twitter too you have to type dubaifilm to find them.

Here is the full schedule on this website:

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