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Life of pi


Canada was the dream to his family. His family originally from India and they own a zoo. They started to ship all the animals they own in a ship to move to Canada. No one knows that the life of this family will change upside down from this moment.  The boy was the only survives from that accident and how he will faces the challenges alone?

Question before you watch it !

What he will see after what happen to them?

This is the trailer

The interesting about the movie is the DIFF used it in the opening ceremony. Indeed, the director is Ang Lee the Oscar-winner.

Les Miserables


I love the story and how they developed it know in the movie !

Here is the trailer and you will like it *_*!  .. the song !! wow  ..

I heard that when they did this movie they had to record the music live. That means when they act they played the music in live to make the actors fell with the song and show it in the scenes.

You will find a lot of videos in YouTube show you how they do it in real life.

I love the way they dressed in the movie ^,^

Coming up in Dubai!

If you are interested in basic interior design .You have the chance to learn some of the principles of interior design, decorate your home, and you will learn how to make a business of it!.

This all will happen by an expert from London, and he is here in Dubai to teach us more about interior design. This is a short course and it will start January 24 until February 4.

There is a website you can visit to have more information about the courses time:

Here is a video tells you more about the courses

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