The Third week in Earoundu

Hi everybody =)

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If you ask yourself where you should take your children or your little brothers and sisters for a weekend, you could take them to this movie which is called Rise of the Guardians. The story is about Jack Frost who is the new character in the life of the Guardians who are Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny.

There is a mission that Jack has to do it which is to protect the children’s faith world from the evil Pitch Black.


These pictures are for this movie from IMDb. I took those pictures to show you more details about this movie. You will notice the details in this work.

What you will like it about this movie is that the characters voice are from popular people such as Jude Law who played a Sherlock Holmes’s friend and Hugh Jackman who played in x-men movies.

This is the trailer:

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This week, I would like to speak about a new Novel which is called In the Kingdom of Men by Kim Barnes. In this book, women have to be quiet and have to cover all their body. They can’t go outside without any men from their family who should come with them.

If you are interested in reading this book or taking a look, you can do this from this website:

You will find a lot of information about this book on the above website.

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If you are free on 6 of December you can visit Skydive in Dubai. It will stay until 9 of December.

There is a competition for taking good pictures sponsored by HIPA and you will find more information about this competition and other photography competitions on their website:

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In conclusion, I’m not advertising anybody or any company.

I’m just writing about what is interesting and telling you about new events which I think will be interesting for you.

Muna Khalaf =)


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