The fifth week on E around u

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The First Movie for This Week!


Yesterday, I went to cinema to watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012). I didn’t read about this movie at all and I just went with my big brother to watch it. I though it as a new movie similar to Harry Potter.

I didn’t think that this movie is a series from The Lord of the Rings.  That what happen to me. I was surprised when I saw Frodo in the movie was walking to ask his grandfather about something.

After I talked about what happed to me LoL *,*. Let me introduce you to the movie. He is sitting in his chair and reading some books this the life the Hobbit had before what happen to him and started a new life which added new dangers in his life. You have to discover what happened to him !

There are a lot of actors in this movie such as Martin Freeman , Ian McKellen and others


You can see all the actors from here :

Here is a video when they give Hobbit the contract to sign ! look what happened . it is really one part from funny and adventure movie you don’t feel boring in 3 hours shows.

Video Clip: Give Him The Contract

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The Second Movie for This Week!


This picture from :

If you are boring and you don’t have something to do you can watch this movie which called Spirited Away. This is an old move but you will not be regret for watching it now ! 🙂 .

The story is about little girl called Chihiro who will move to new home. In the middle of the road her father gets lost and he went to the wrong way!

Her parents inter the mysterious door , it was a large village and Chihiro  was afraid in this place. She was discovered the place and something happened to her parents while she was not there with them!! . Her parents change to pigs after what they ate.  Chihiro knew that the only way to survive here was to work in this village.

Here is a website about the movie and you can find a lot of interesting stuff such as a English book with beautiful pictures from the movie:

Here is also a video of how they made a Spirited Away film.

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Coming up

You can visit Dubai international Art Centre Open House on 12th January 2013.

Timing: from 10am to 4pm

Place: villa 27, street 75B, off Jumeirah Road, behind Town Center

You will have (free):

  • Free Henna Painting , pot painting , Arabic coffee , Tea and dates
  • You can take some pictures with Camel near the tent.
  • You can ask more about the new term they have on January 19, 2013.

You can read more about this event here :

For more information: (+971) 4 3444 398 or on Twitter : @DIArtC , Facebook: Dubai International Art Centre


The fourth week in “entertainment around you”

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Information about DIFF



Dubai is holding a Dubai international Film Festival (DIFF). There are a lot of movies from different countries such as Japan, Egypt, UAE, US and other countries. This festival will run from 9 December to 16 December.

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A Movie from DIFF


I want to talk about one movie which really took my attention. This was  a movie called The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki which was made in Japan in 2012.The story is about a normal woman called Hana who fell in love with her friend when she saw him at University. She married this man, and  then she found out the truth about this man she had married.

This man was a wolf-man. That was the beginning of the family secret. Then Hana got pregnant and had two children and both of them carried wolf-DNA. After a while the father of these kids died so Hana had to move to a small town to have a normal life with her kids away from people’s eyes.

This is a gallery from the movie =) , hope you like it !

Hana’s kids are so cute, I love them *_*

Sources : and

If you are interested in watching this movie you can see the presentation time in the schedule here:

The reason why this movie attracts me is because it is rare to see a Japanese movie in the UAE. This is the trailer for this movie:

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If you are interested in different movies you can choose the time and the day that you would like to see movies which are showing at a particular time. In fact, you will notice that sometimes you can watch some movies before 6pm especially from Wednesday to Sunday.

On the same page, if you scroll down,you can connect with Dubai international Film Festival.

If you have any questions or you want to see what is the new and what happens in the red carpet. You can go and find DIFF on twitter too you have to type dubaifilm to find them.

Here is the full schedule on this website:

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Thank you for reading my blog =) . see u next week with new post and new information.

The Third week in Earoundu

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If you ask yourself where you should take your children or your little brothers and sisters for a weekend, you could take them to this movie which is called Rise of the Guardians. The story is about Jack Frost who is the new character in the life of the Guardians who are Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny.

There is a mission that Jack has to do it which is to protect the children’s faith world from the evil Pitch Black.


These pictures are for this movie from IMDb. I took those pictures to show you more details about this movie. You will notice the details in this work.

What you will like it about this movie is that the characters voice are from popular people such as Jude Law who played a Sherlock Holmes’s friend and Hugh Jackman who played in x-men movies.

This is the trailer:

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This week, I would like to speak about a new Novel which is called In the Kingdom of Men by Kim Barnes. In this book, women have to be quiet and have to cover all their body. They can’t go outside without any men from their family who should come with them.

If you are interested in reading this book or taking a look, you can do this from this website:

You will find a lot of information about this book on the above website.

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If you are free on 6 of December you can visit Skydive in Dubai. It will stay until 9 of December.

There is a competition for taking good pictures sponsored by HIPA and you will find more information about this competition and other photography competitions on their website:

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In conclusion, I’m not advertising anybody or any company.

I’m just writing about what is interesting and telling you about new events which I think will be interesting for you.

Muna Khalaf =)