The second week on earoundu!

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Everybody knows Rowan Atkinson, or Mr. Bean as we call him. The Mr. Bean TV show was made from 1990 to around five years ago. It had a large audience around the whole world. Everybody has the idea that Mr. Bean is a comedian.

Rowan Atkinson wants to change the idea about him, so he will try to play new roles. These kinds of roles will be more serious, not like what we know about the funny Mr. Bean. Atkinson now is over 50 years old. That is why he will stay away from comedy roles.

I think it is really hard to forget the funny character he played in Mr. Bean series and some of his movies. In fact, the last movie by Rowan Atkinson was called Johnny English Reborn. In this movie, he was funny. That is why I loved the movie. It is really a sad thing!.

It is good to share a good moment with you so I will share a video from YouTube about Mr. Bean. This video is called Mr. Bean – Cooking spaghetti here is the link :

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If you are interested in any event in the National Day of the UAE

There are a lot of events you can visit between 28 of November to 9 of December.


This picture and the next picture are from Skydive Dubai account in Facebook. You can see a lot of good and rare pictures

If you are a photographer or not you can talk a lot of pictures of Skydive Dubai. It is really an interesting evens and a lot of people came from different places to jump in Dubai’s sky.

These are some pictures taken last year even. I just collected the pictures from Skydive Dubai website and put the pictures together.


If you are interested in this event you can visit this website to read more about it :

In the end, I want to share this video with you. It is really an interesting video about Skydive Dubai :

Thank you for reading my blog! =) ,, written by Muna Khalaf


One thought on “The second week on earoundu!

  1. very nice! I really like what you’re doing here. Just a couple things to mention–include more tags and watch out for your grammar mistakes. Other than that, I like the fact that you’re including pics and videos as well in your blog. I think it’s fresh and interactive. Keep going!

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