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Hallo everybody, I’m Muna and I will be your friend in this blog, which will cover anything related to entertainment such as books, art, movie and so on.

If you divide the name of the blog (earoundu) you will see e around u, which means ‘entertainment around you’.

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This week’s movie was Skyfall, which continues the James Bond series and this role is played by Daniel Craig. The film was shot in Istanbul.

 Here are some facts about this movie. First, the suitable age for this movie is 15 and above, and it is 2 hr 25 min long.  it is an action movie. You can find that the rating for this movie is high. It got 8 stars in IMDb website.

This is the trailer for this movie

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The second movie for this week is Hotel Transylvania. The story is about the owner of a five star hotel, who is a vampire. His job is to protect his daughter from falling in love with a human.

In this movie, you will see a lot of funny parts and it is an animation movie, so if you are interested in attending the movie with your little sister or little brother, it would be good for them.

If you live in Dubai and you want to know about the movie timings, you can search on the following websites.

The first one is Reel Cinemas which are located in Dubai Mall and in Dubai Marina Mall and this is the website: If you’re interested in knowing more about any movie, you can look in IMDb.  This is the link:

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Some events in UAE

It is good to visit some exhibitions in UAE to support the local art. If you are really interested in Art exhibitions, you can visit DIAC member exhibitions by Dubai international ART center members.

The exhibitions will last until 24 November, 9am-9pm from Sunday to Wednesday. This is the website:

Do you have an event? Then email your information to

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Finally, if you have any comment or suggestion for next week,

please let me know. This is the first time for me to own a blog so I hope you like it.


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